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Becky Bingham


Becky Bingham

An accomplished speaker and practitioner, Becky is passionate about helping people live more productive (and less painful) lives. She skillfully & uniquely blends medical science, neurofeedback, and other innovations with deep personal experience to train down the negative symptoms of ADHD, ASD, anxiety, depression, PTSD, learning disorders, and more.

She began her immersion in neurofeedback as a means to help her husband and three children with moderate to severe ADHD. When she saw the positive impact neurofeedback training could make not only on bringing someone up from a deficit but moving them into a peak performance life, she shifted careers and started her own neurofeedback business in 2005.

Becky is board-certified in EEG Biofeedback (Neurofeedback) by the Biofeedback Certification National Alliance (BCIA) and board-certified in QEEG (QEEG-D) by the International QEEG Certification Board. She has an MS degree in Psychology and has an RN license with experience in ICU/ER and psychiatric units across the country. This broad experience bridging both medical and psychological fields gives her a unique understanding that allows her to help her clients in their healing process.

Becky served on the International Society for Neuroregulation & Research (ISNR) board from 2018-2019. She has presented at numerous local and regional organization conferences and online webinars.

In her spare time Becky enjoys reading, horseback riding, ballroom dancing, and spending time with her family and friends.

Kelsey Bingham


Kelsey Bingham

Kelsey helps individuals gain insight into why they feel and act as they do and helps them  shift to a place of greater happiness, peace, and motivation. With her background in both counseling and neurofeedback,  she offers a unique ability to explain both psychological motivation and brain state rational for behaviors—and the means to correct both.

Kelsey offers mental health counseling as well as neurofeedback training which can dramatically speed up the healing process and save clients both time and money.

She started her career working with children and adults as an assistant director for the local Cub Scout Camp where she led 40 teens (and adults!) to provide services for 600 youth each summer. She was president of a Venturing Crew, and participated in national youth leadership training programs.

She has been working with NeuroSolution Center since 2009 when as a technician she assisted with brain map acquisition and running  neurofeedback sessions.

She has an MS in Professional Counseling. During her internship providing ABA therapy for ASD children, she gained powerful skills in behavioral modification and the methods as well as physical, verbal and environmental tools that can be used for successful outcomes.

Kelsey is board certified in EEG Biofeedback (Neurofeedback) by the Biofeedback Certification National Alliance (BCIA).

She works with all ages and particularly enjoys children and teenagers age 7-18 years old.

In her spare time Kelsey enjoys gardening, cooking, hiking, and weightlifting.

JoDee Ferrell


JoDee Ferrell

JoDee joined NeuroSolution Center when she saw first-hand the powerful benefits Neurofeedback could offer individuals. She loves interacting with her clients and finds it incredibly satisfying to see clients improving and being able to reach life goals.

JoDee spent 30 years in the vision care field educating and promoting the use of the first disposable contact lenses on the market, working with doctors, staff, and patients so that each had a clear understanding of what she could offer them in both medical and layman’s terms. Her ability to communicate and adapt to her audience resulted in multiple promotions and consistent performance in the top 20% of Johnson & Johnson Vision.

She has a BA in Business Administration from Western Washington University.

In her spare time JoDee enjoys hiking across the world, snowshoeing, kayaking, skiing, and traveling. She also volunteers at a rescue horse barn.

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