Try A Cognitive Assessment

What would you do if you learned how well you were doing mentally—and where you could improve?

What if you could see exactly what is holding you back, personally or professionally?

Try A Cognitive Assessment 

People used to think the brain was static—brain cells only died as you aged. But neuroscience research in the last 15 years has proven that your brain is dynamic and can absolutely continue to grow and develop.

We’ve partnered with scientists at Cambridge Brain Science to bring you the CBS Assessment, an easy, objective way to assess your overall cognitive function using several different measures including memory, attention, reasoning, and verbal ability.

You can use this new cognitive function assessment to help identify not only areas of strength but also areas that are holding you back personally, socially, and professionally.

How Does It Work?

You can take the convenient, online assessment in the comfort of your home laptop, desktop, or tablet.

The free, sample assessment consists of a 90 second cognitive test that will objectively measure your attention. Once the test is complete, you will see how you’ve performed relative to the general population.

The comprehensive assessment will take ~40 minutes and measures all four of the components of cognition using a number of different exercises. Upon completion, you’ll receive a comprehensive report showing how you performed relative to your age and gender.

After you take the assessment we’ll schedule a time together to discuss the results and show you where you’re already strong and most importantly, how the test results might describe some of the challenges you might be experiencing at work, home, or school.

And we can talk about how neurofeedback can train your brain and improve your cognitive ability. This translates to better skill, education, work, and life performance.


What Does It Measure?

Cognition is complex. You may be stronger at one aspect of cognition (e.g., memory), yet weaker in another (e.g., planning or problem solving). This assessment accurately measures the core elements of your cognitive function including memory, reasoning, attention, and verbal ability. It uses cognitive tasks based on classical paradigms from the cognitive psychology literature. The assessment is based on 25 years of research and is very well validated.

We use this assessment to provide an overall picture of your cognitive ability and identify areas where you could use some additional help.

We use it before and after neurofeedback, which provides a quantitative and qualitative view of the efficacy of your treatment.

And we also use it longitudinally, to measure for just how long our clients are receiving continued benefits from neurofeedback, as well as their improved ability to learn and develop their cognitive abilities post-neurofeedback.

To the right is a sample summary report that you can click on to view in full. The report shows you your raw score on each task on the first page compared to others in similar age and gender groups, detailed scores & descriptions for each task you completed, and finally, your progress over time compared to your baseline.

Sample Report

Preparing for the Assessment

Ensure you’re in a comfortable environment, free of distractions, on your home desktop computer or tablet.

When you begin the online assessment, you’ll be presented with online instructions and an interactive tutorial that you can repeat until you’re confident.

As you complete the sample assessment you’ll be presented with a summary you can save or print to show us.

If you’re taking the comprehensive assessment, a comprehensive report like you see above will be sent to us for review.

And when you’re ready, we can schedule a time to talk further over the phone or via ZOOM about the results of either assessment.

Take the Assessment

There are two assessments to choose from:

Sample Assessment

For the quick and easy sample assessment, follow this link be taken to the sample assessment and begin. Ignore any browser warnings by clicking “Okay”.

When you’ve completed the sample, you’ll be presented with a summary that you can either print or copy from the screen. Once you click “Done” you’ll be taken to our Contact Us page where you can share the results via email as you schedule a free virtual review.

Comprehensive Assessment

For a limited time, we’re offering the comprehensive assessment free of charge. To take the comprehensive assessment, send an email with your name, gender and year of birth. We need this information to compare your results to the normative database. We’ll send you a link to the assessment to complete at your convenience.

When you’re finished, the results will be sent to us. You can visit our Contact Us page to schedule a free virtual review.


Cambridge Brain Sciences

Cambridge Brain Sciences is a leading provider of web-based brain health assessment software for healthcare practitioners (CBS Health) and researchers (CBS Research). Their proprietary assessments of brain function and brain health have been developed over the past 25 years, taken over 8 million times and used in over 300 studies published in leading peer-reviewed academic journals. As a result, they maintain and possess one of the world’s largest normative databases of cognitive function.

The tasks have been validated in studies of patients, brain imaging studies of healthy volunteers and in several large-scale public studies involving tens of thousands of volunteers. They have proven to be efficient and sensitive measures of baseline cognitive capacity. For example, in one study, the results of the 30-minute Cambridge Brain Sciences battery were comparable to those of a standard 2-3 hour (paper and pencil) neuropsychological battery (WAIS-R) (Levine et al., 2013). In another recent study of mental capacity in the elderly, the CBS battery outperformed a standard task of cognitive abilities (the MoCA) (Brenkel et al., 2017). Finally, performance on the CBS battery is highly predictive of reasoning and problem solving abilities, as indexed by “classic” tasks such as Raven’s Matrices and the Cattell Culture Fair task (Hampshire et al., 2012).

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