Common Disorders 

Neurofeedback can help improve the symptoms of many disorders. Click below to learn more about each. 

Issues We Work With


Neurofeedback can dramatically reduce symptoms of ADHD, improving executive function and reasoning, leading to greater ability to plan, focus, and follow-through. This results in a more consistent, focused and successful work and school performance, often with reduced dependence on medications…


Anxiety is reduced as neurofeedback trains the brain to calm itself and reduce the “fight or flight” response, leaving clients calm, relaxed, and “in control.” Many have been able to reduce and even eliminate medications and other treatments…


Symptoms of depression respond readily to neurofeedback, resulting in increased motivation, interest, and excitement for life. Most of our clients have reduced or eliminated antidepressants…


Neurofeedback can reduce the symptoms of PTSD and trauma by teaching the brain to be more flexible in regulating itself out of the “fight and flight” state and into a more calm, relaxed state.

Learning Disorders

Neurofeedback can help improve reading, comprehension, memory, and focus, as well as decreasing other symptoms of learning disorders and its effects are permanent, resulting in improved school, work performance as well as improved confidence & self-esteem…

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Neurofeedback can reduce autistic symptoms by 40% or more, enabling lasting improvements in non-verbal communications, social interactions, and increased ability to develop healthy, meaningful relationships with others…

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