Miracles don’t seem to come around very often–but neurofeedback is definitely a miracle!

I have seen huge results from neurofeedback. I’ve almost weaned off of my ADHD medications and have completely stopped my antidepressants; I’m functioning better now than I ever have been before. I’m much more organized –things rarely fall through the cracks anymore. My projects get completed on time, without the last minute panic crunch. I’m not sure why but I’m much better able to handle difficult people and situations with a lot more tact than ever before. What’s best is that I’m even and steady, without the huge up and down mood and productivity swings that are so characteristic of ADHD & depression.

C. B.

I will forever be grateful to Becky at NeuroSolution Center.

Let me tell you a story about a 10 year old boy. This kid was smart, creative and artistic, but always frustrated and angry. He couldn’t bring a project to completion. He wasn’t able to remember his math facts, worked VERY slowly in school, and was always mean to his younger siblings. He felt inferior to everyone. He couldn’t go to sleep at night, and couldn’t wake up in the morning, never getting the rest his body craved. He was angry at the world most of the time, and was really down on himself, often stating that he felt stupid and wanted to die.

Over the years, this boy’s parents tried modifications in diet, medications, environment, behavior… all with limited results. The mother finally stumbled upon something call “neurofeedback.”

Let me tell you a story about a 10 year old boy. This kid is smart, creative and artistic. He laughs, takes pride in completing his schoolwork, and often uses his imagination to make Lego movies and other artistic projects. He is kind to his siblings, as he is able to keep up with the conversations and can understand their jokes. He is learning to celebrate others, because he has an innate sense of self-worth. He goes to sleep happy, and wakes up refreshed. Just 2 days ago, he made dinner for the entire family. He followed the recipe and completed the entire dish with pride in his accomplishment.

“I will forever be grateful to Becky at NeuroSolution Center. Her layman’s explanation of what was happening in my son’s brain made sense to me, and the results of therapy are astonishing. Becky is warm, kind, and genuinely cares about the clients in her care. She takes the time to listen to concerned parents and to celebrate with them when their child progresses. She and neurotherapy have changed my son’s life. Just when we thought we were losing him, you brought him back. Thank you, Becky!”

M. S.

You’ve realigned my life!

I’m calm, focused, and my business is flourishing. I would like to thank you for realigning my life. When I first came to you I had a hard time staying focused, starting three new projects before finishing the one I was working on. My jaw ached from tension and stress and I suffered from panic attacks. Since the neurofeedback, I feel calmer and am able to remain calm during events that would have brought on an anxiety attack before. I am now doing extremely well focusing on my projects. Because of neurofeedback, my business is flourishingI have felt great for months. The neurofeedback process was easy. The video games only require focus, not skills. You very quickly zeroed in on the right area and in only 20 sessions were able to eliminate so many of my symptoms. I no longer take ADHD medications. Thank you SO MUCH for helping me!

C. L. G.

After 24 years of depression, I’m off my medication and enjoying my life!

I have suffered from chronic depression since age 15. At age 30 I plummeted into a severe depression after a miscarriage. I started antidepressants which helped get me back on my feet, but I still struggled with sadness and anxiety as well as weight gain as a side effect. I used to take a two hour nap every day in addition to 9 hours of sleep at night. It was very frustrating, but I saw no other option for nine years until I heard about neurofeedback. It changed everything.

Over a period of eight months I weaned completely off all my antidepressants. My enthusiasum and energy to engage in life have sky rocketed. I’m exercising, losing weight, and enjoying my children more than I ever thought possible.

B. G.

I’m finally able to relax—and begin to enjoy life!

I can’t remember a time when I haven’t been stressed out, running 100 miles an hour in every direction. I’ve always clenched and ground my teeth. It was so bad that my jaw even rejected my dental implants. With neurofeedback I’ve been able to relax—and begin to finally enjoy life!

R. B.

It is much easier to pay attention and get my schoolwork done.

I’m the Real Me now with fewer medications. I’ve been on ADHD medications for four years now. Before the medications I was getting C’s and D’s in my classes. With the ADHD medication I have been getting A’s and B’s. Even though the medication has helped me a ton, it makes me so much more serious than I should be at age 15. With neurofeedback, I’ve reduced my ADHD medications by 75%. Despite this, I find it is even easier to pay attention in class. I noticed last week that I was still hard at work on my English project at 8pm, long after my ADHD meds had worn off. Today I got an A+ on the report! I’m the Real Me now—the Me that was under the medications that nobody could see.

K. H.

ADD runs rampant through my family, but I’ve been afraid of taking medications. 

I used to spend 30 minutes reading and re-reading a single page in a book. My mind would wander and I’d reach the end of the page and have no clue what I had just read. ADHD runs throughout my family but I’ve been afraid of taking medication. With neurofeedback I get all the benefits of medication—without any of the side-effects. I enjoy reading now that I only have to read the page once. My office desk is clean. I’m on-time to my appointments. I complete my projects on-time. I love life now! 

J. P.

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